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Dallas Cowboys Hold First Training Camp Practice In Oxnard

Cowboys Training Camp

OXNARD, Calif. - The Dallas Cowboys took to River Ridge Field for preseason training on Saturday.

Before their first practice, the Cowboys cheerleaders warmed up the crowd in Oxnard.

Owner Jerry Jones talked about his excitement for the upcoming season.

"This is a very interesting time. We have 100 players that come to camp with us at one time. When we go back to Dallas, we'll have this group down to 53. These young men are fighting for a dream to be a part of the National Football League."

Local high school student athletes are also using the training camp to run concession stands at the field to pay for equipment.

Oxnard police officers are also out in force to keep the peace, just in case die hard fans get out of control.

"The majority of the seating is going to be on the north side which allows Oxnard police to provide a different type of security set up. It allows us to focus on one area instead of spreading our resources to cover different areas on the football field," said Sgt. Luis Mancha.

All practices are free and open to the public.

The last day of training camp is August 17.

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