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Court Ruling Brings Into Question San Luis Obispo Homeless Sleeping Ban

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A federal appeals court has struck down an Los Angeles ordinance banning the homeless from sleeping in their cars. The decision may rewrite homeless rules in San Luis Obispo.

Two years ago attorneys filed a suit claiming a San Luis Obispo ordinance harrassed homeless people. A Superior Court ruled the city's treatment of homeless people was unconstitutional. Tickets issued against homeless sleeping in their car were dismissed.

Stewart Jenkins, an attorney who brought that suit says the ruling in Los Angeles may eventually change a similar ordinance in San Luis Obispo.

"Lawyers who are public spirited in each town may at some point decide that the activities going on in their town is bad enough that they need to come out of the woodwork and take action against their city," said Jenkins.

San Luis Obispo currently has another ordinance in place which allows police to ticket homeless. The police department also has a task force of about 4 officers whose duties focus specifically on homeless activity.

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