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Controlling fleas and ticks on pets

Controlling fleas and ticks on pets

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Fleas and ticks are a problem yearly, but summertime is when we see an increase in the amount of flea's.

Beach towns seem to be the hot spot for these pesky creatures. While many of us love to take our dogs for a stroll on the beach, they are also bound to bring some home extra friends.

It takes just one flea to turn into a major infestation. If you're noticing your pet's flea medication isn't working the way it use to it might be the way you're applying it.

Never bathe your pet the same day you apply the medication and be aware the topical will wear off with any type of water contact. The best way to zap the flea problem is by giving your pet a pill version of the medication.

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