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Confusing confrontation after police see suspected burglar

Man gets a Taser shot but screams he was not a criminal

SB Car Burglary Suspect

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A man was shot with a Taser gun when police thought he was a car burglar. Later, it was learned the man owned the vehicle.

The confrontation happened on Samarkand Drive near De La Vina Street about 9:45 a.m.

Jerry Cox was spotted by an officer on a coffee break  who saw Cox near a car and thought something wasn't right.  When the officer questioned Cox, police say he did not cooperate and was later shot with a Taser gun and arrested.

Ultimately Cox was not cited for anything to do with the car, but was arrested for resisting a police officer.

An eyewitness, Dea Reinstead said she saw "six police cars."  During the ordeal she said the man yelled, "that's my car. The keys are in my pocket"

Police have said home and auto burglaries are a significant problem in Santa Barbara, mainly because of unlocked doors.

"This problem is on going in the city with the crimes of opportunity, people checking door handles of vehicles to see if they are unlocked," said Sgt. Tom Rauch.

An employee nearby, Jodee Alexander said she double checks that her car is locked when she leaves it and heads into work.

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