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Condor Camera Now On the Air

Website allows you to watch the big birds feed

Condor Camera Online

BIG SUR, Calif. - The endangered California condor is now the featured bird on a new website with cameras pointed towards a well known feeding area.

It's very rare to see a condor in the wild, and this camera will provide an insight to the big birds along the California coast.

It's located in Big Sur and operated by the  Ventana Wildlife Society.

Only 429 condors are known to be alive.  It's the largest bird in North America.

In the 1980's the population dropped drastically with deaths linked to power lines, lead in bullets used by hunters, and  a loss of habitat.

At one point there were fewer than 20 condors known to be alive in the wild.

A captive breeding program and other efforts have brought the population back.

About half of the birds are in zoos.

This new camera project is co-sponsored by the Oakland Zoo.

Those tuning in to the camera on Monday when it was turned on, were able to see several birds feeding on a carcass. 

It's high tech bird watching from the comfort of your home.

To see the condor camera site you can log on to :


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