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Companies weigh out-of-state expansion options

Colorado, Texas court California companies

Companies weigh out-of-state expansion options

CAMARILLO, Calif. - In February,Texas Gov. Rick Perry had lunch with Haas Automation executives and dinner with Cool Planet Energy Systems executives.  Haas, based in Oxnard, and Cool Planet, based in Camarillo, are about to expand.  But they are not necessarily expanding in California--they are being courted by other states too.

Cool Planet Vice President of Business Development Mike Rocke said Colorado is offering them incentives to build a manufacturing base in or near Denver.  But Rocke said they don't have plans to move Cool Planet's research and development office on Calle San Pablo in Camarillo.  They have less than 100 employees in Camarillo working on renewable gasoline and a soil product that helps crops grow with less water.  Rocke said they intend to build refineries around the globe, too.

Camarillo City Manager Bruce Feng said he has not talked to officials at the company, but just this week city council members asked staff to update Camarillo's 5-year-old economic development plan.

Feng says they plan to create a new adhoc committee to come up with strategies and financial incentives to attract new businesses and keep current businesses happy.  Camarillo has always been a desirable locations due to weather and good schools.  In this business climate, Feng said the every city has to find ways to stay competitive.

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