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City Council Could Issue A Stage One Drought

Proper water use

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - On Tuesday the Santa Barbara City Council will consider issuing a stage one drought.

They will be asking water users to cut back their use by 20 percent. This doesn't mean just the water inside your home; the major issue is coming from outdoors.

"We are asking businesses and residents not to water right now because of the rain we just got. Don't turn the sprinklers back on until the ground is dry and the plants look like they need water. And that could be a week or two weeks, or hopefully if we get more rain, longer," said Alison Jordan, supervisor of water conservation.

More than half the water in Santa Barbara is used on residents landscapes. The last time Santa Barbara issued a stage one drought was in 1990.

"Anyone that is watering landscape right now can turn it off. We just had this wonderful rain. It will make a huge difference," said Jordan.

The city's current water supplies are enough to get through the year, but conserving now will help save for next year.

For more information on how to conserve water at your house, log on to:


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