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City Council Approves Roundabout Planning

Santa Barbara has been pricing the project for months

Las Positas Construction Plan

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - City Council members have decided to move forward with planning a roundabout for the busy intersection. Officials said the final roundabout design has not been approved.

The next step is to find funding for the final design.


Santa Barbara City leaders have been shopping a roundabout project around hoping to get a price that meets the funding they have to clear up congestion at Cliff Drive and Las Positas Road.

Currently the often busy intersection had a blinking red light hanging from overhead wires to control traffic from three directions.

State funds will pay for nearly all the costs of a signal light project, which is much cheaper than a roundabout,  at about $850,000.

If the city goes with a roundabout, there are two plans.  One meets all the city requirements for traffic and bike lanes, along with new landscaping.  The second options is more inexpensive and had less landscaping and not as much asphalt work.

Both roundabout plans will required more taxpayer money beyond the state grant.

The Santa Barbara City Council will make its decision Tuesday afternoon.


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