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Cayucos Pier partically closed and unsafe

Cayucos pier unsafe and partially closed

CAYUCOS, Calif. - A portion of the historic Cayucos Pier is closed off and declared unsafe after officials noticed half the pier was sagging.

Although some of the pier still remains open its most popular section that sits over the water is closed off. The pier has 14 crucial pilings missing; dozens of unattached and weakly attached pilings. Many of the pilings received damage from hard weather, worms and pounding surf. Experts have determined that the next big storm could cause the pier to be condemned and closed.

In order to rebuild the pier it will cost the county of San Luis Obispo $2 million. The Cayucos Pier Project has pledged to raise $100,000 and so far they have half.

Visitors like Martin Hanken take yearly trips to the pier to fish, but he says it's now changed.

If you want to help the Cayucos Pier stay up, visit click here or call (805) 503-5982 for more information.

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