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Cayucos Man Shot by Sheriff Deputies

Man In Critical Condition After Incident in Squad Car

Carpinteria Officer Involved Shooting

Near CARPINTERIA, Calif. - A Cayucos man remains in critical condition at a local hospital after being hit by shots fired from Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies.

Jeremy Leon Bordegaray, 29, was handcuffed and seated in the back of a squad car along Beach Club Drive off Padaro Lane near Carpinteria. 

Deputies handcuffed Bordegaray and placed him in the back seat of a squad car.  Somehow he managed to break through a plexiglass divider and gain access to the front of the vehicle, where weapons are stored.

The vehicle began to move and deputies opened fire.  Residents told NewsChannel 3 they heard four shots, but there is no confirmation how many shots were fired or by whom.

Residents also said the squad car rammed into a tow truck parked nearby.  The Sheriff's Department did not confirm that, but NewsChannel 3 cameras show significant front end damage to the vehicle and bullet holes along the side.

The owner of the property was not home at the time of the incident.  He called the Sheriff's Department asking for deputies to investigate after receiving calls from neighbors about a possible trespasser.

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