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Car Nearly Drives Into Grover Beach Grocery Store

Grover Beach, CALIF. - A woman nearly drove her car all the way into the Grover Beach Von's store. The car jumped the curb and ended up in the back of a line of shopping carts lined up outside the grocery store.

Five Cities Fire Department says it appears the driver was trying to park in the front row, right in front of the store.

Instead, the car kept going over the curb and across the the sidewalk, knocking down a safety railing before it crashed into a number of shopping carts.

The elderly female driver was examined by paramedics from San Luis Ambulance at the scene and it was determined she did not need transport to the hospital.

Five Cities firefighters from Engine 68 helped contain fluids leaking from the vehicle after the crash. Grover Beach Police Department is investigating why the car drove all the way up to the front door of the supermarket.

Car Nearly Drives Into Grover Beach Grocery Store

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