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Canon Perdido fire

Fire investigators believe the rash of fires may be related...arson is suspected.

Canon Perdido fire

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Sunday afternoon Santa Barbara City Fire responded to and contained a small fire along the property line of the Village Apartments. The building address is in the 500 block of Canon Perdido. Within minutes firefighters on the scene smothered the blaze.

Property managers for the Village Apartment complex is the Turner Foundation, it reports damage to its fence adjacent to the railroad tracks.  Operations manager Jayson Patten says today's fire is the second along the tracks at Canon Perdido in the past two weeks.

He says the last time fire broke out his on-site security team took care of the blaze before the Santa Barbara City Fire could respond.

Though he assesses today 's damage as minor he says he's just glad its not worse.

In the meantime, Santa Barbara city fire Investigators believe this latest blaze may be related to other small fires in the same vicinity in recent weeks.

Investigators say arson may be involved.

In the meantime anyone with information about today's fire or the recent rash of small fires is asked to call the Santa Barbara City Fire Investigators at 805.564.5723.

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