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Cancelled and Delayed Flights This Summer From SLO to SFO

Construction at San Francisco International will shut down 2 out of 4 runways

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Taking off from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco, and vice versa, is going to be a bumpy ride this summer.

Large-scale construction at San Francisco International Airport is the culprit. The airport is undergoing a runway rebuilding project mandated by the FAA. Two of the airport's 4 runways have been shut down since May and will remain unusable for the summer months, causing delays and cancelled flights.

About 5 flights a day bounce between the San Luis Obispo County Airport and SFO, which means headaches for passengers here.

Neil Schauer's business trips take him from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco several times a year. A cancelled flight early Thursday morning had potentially put a wrench in his travel plans.

"I'm actually trying to get on a standby flight and normally it's no problem to do that. But I know the earlier flight was cancelled, which means I may not make this flight after all," said Schauer.

Airport administration in San Luis Obispo hasn't kept track of the number of delays and cancellations, but say they're very common.

"I've been told that the airline, if they know well enough in advance of what's happening, they'll actually try to contact the passengers to reschedule them and rebook them," said Craig Piper, the airport's assistant general manager.

Meanwhile, frustration is building for flyers like Schauer.

"I travel a lot, and anytime there's a possibility of a delay it has ripple effects through my business for sure," said Schauer.

The construction on those runways at SFO is expected to wrap up by this September.

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