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Cambria Ramps Up Water Conservation Efforts With Portable Restrooms

CAMBRIA, Calif. - The extreme drought has been particularly unkind to Cambria, and now is causing a whirl of new measures to be taken. Conservation measures that have been put into place by the Cambria Community Services District are working, such as shutting down public restrooms.

"The conservation efforts behind me are really impressive," said visitor Jenny Withrow, pointing at a row of portable restrooms. "Coming from a tourist area, I'd like to see our community do something like this."

Like many others, Jenny and her husband Kevin make a yearly visit to Cambria for vacation. During a pit stop today, they both got a surprise when the public restrooms were locked up and porta-potties were set up next to them.

"I didn't put it together," said Kevin. "I thought maybe they are doing maintenance on the bathrooms, ut after the third one I thought that's got to be due to the drought."

He's right. The Cambria Community Services District locked up the public restrooms in exchance for portable ones, claiming it will save over 170,000 gallons of water from March until the end of October.

It's a part of the emergency conservation plan, put in place at the end of January. Homeowners can't use potable water for outdoor use and penalties are being enforced on those with excessively high water usage. All the conservation requirements, including locking up the restrooms, have worked wonders in reducing the town's water usage. Last month, Cambria saw the lowest water production total for the month of March in the past 24 years.

As the drought rages on, visitors don't seem to mind sacrificing a little bit of comfort to help with the cause.

"I don't see it as an inconvenience, I think it's a wonderful idea," said Jenny. "It puts that little alarm in your head, you've got to be grateful for the resources we have. They truly are limited."

The community services district says these portable restrooms will be used for the foreseeable future.

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