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Cal Poly sorority suspended after hazing allegation

University gets anonymous tip

Sorority suspended for alleged hazing

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A sorority at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is being investigated for alleged hazing. It started with an anonymous tip.

The allegation against the Chi Delta Theta sorority came as somewhat of a surprise to university officials because the sorority was recently recognized for its efforts in the community.

Now it has been suspended from all school activities until further notice. At this point, university officials are will not willing to disclose what type of hazing may have occurred. "The tip came in a week, week and a half ago. Right now what we're doing is, they're actually the two investigators are doing their interviews and doing the fact-finding part of the process," said Jean Decosta dean of students.

Decosta says the university has a zero tolerance policy toward hazing. The school experienced first hand in 2008 how it can end tragically. "It's not the extreme situation like in the Carson Starkey situation where part of the initiation was to drink alcohol that obviously ended in a students death, tragically," said Decosta.

Since 2008, Cal Poly has put several mandatory programs in place to educate incoming and current students about hazing.

Many of them don't know it's a form of harassment, abuse or humiliation which usually happens during initiation.

Cal Poly officials expect the investigation to wrap up in about a week and a half.


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