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Cal Poly protests greet controversial, conservative commentator

Lauren Southern hosted by College Republicans

Cal Poly protestors greet...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - It was an emotional night on the Cal Poly campus for some students and others gathered for the appearance of controversial conservative, libertarian commentator Lauren Southern.

Southern is in her early 20's and has made a name for herself online and through social media for her controversial and provocative views on immigration, feminism and denying there's a pervasive culture of rape and sexual assault on college campuses.

"Ever since we stopped holding up femininity and women's happiness, we started embracing feminism", Southern said Thursday night, "since then, what's happened to women's happiness? Its been on a steady decline, we cant figure it out, we can't put two and two together for some reason".

Southern's sold out presentation was hosted by the Cal Poly College Republicans and was entitled, "The Return of the Traditional Woman."

"Traditionalism, statistically, is better for your marriage, better for your happiness and better for your sex life", Southern said.

Lauren Southern's appearance sparked emotional confrontations between some Cal Poly students and others described as anti-fascist advocates.

Several student groups including Cal Poly Democrats and the Queer Student Union organized what they called a "March Against Rape Culture" from the student union on campus to the venue where Lauren Southern spoke under the watchful eye of University Police, San Luis Obispo Police and the CHP.

"To allow someone like Lauren Southern to talk about rape culture and to deny rape culture, and make rape survivors here unsafe, its disgusting", said Morgan Grace with the Cal Poly Queer Student Union.

Emotions ran high but order was maintained and Lauren Southern's visit came and went Thursday night with a healthy exchange of views.

"I baked a pie for the haters", Southern said.

The Cal Poly administration defended its decision to allow the College Republicans to host Lauren Southern saying its part of the university's policy of encouraging robust debate on campus from all points of view without endorsing any in particular.

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