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Boulders used to prevent erosion

Hueneme Beach losing sand everyday

PORT HUENEME, Calif. - The city of Hueneme is undergoing a project on its beaches to reduce damages done by water erosion. The Public Works director claims that if no action was taken, sidewalks along the beach might be severely damaged as well.

Two-faced boulders are being placed on top of tarps on the beach to contain any more sand and keep it from being washed away. This is only a Band Aid to solve the problem.

Kids participating in a Junior Lifeguards program had to relocate themselves closer to the pier due to the reconstruction.

Lifeguards and local residents say that this is the least amount of sand they have seen on the Hueneme beaches in the last couple of decades.

If the boulder project is successful, sand the length of three football fields at depths of ten feet will be placed onto the beach to hopefully further repair damages.

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