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Bicycles Donated to Homeless at Prado Day Center

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A group of homeless people in San Luis Obispo now have a new set of wheels. It's part of a program that donated refurbished bikes to those in need.

Michael Bloomer has been coming to the Prado Day Center for 4 months now. The shelter provides him food and a place to stay, but transportation is still a big problem. Bloomer says he was arrested for DUI and hasn't been able to drive for months.

"It's a privelage to drive so I lost my privelage," said Bloomer. "I've been obeying all the laws and not driving until August. and I'm ok with it. I'm earning it back."

But Bloomer isn't going to be without a ride for long. Ten bikes were given to those in need at the center, Bloomer included, thanks to the Bike for Health program that got the Sheriff's Office to donate bikes that are refurbished by jail inmates.

"I realized the homeless here needed transportation to get to jobs and live their life and to move on and get housed and increase their health," said Ken Emmer, the man who started Bike for Health.

After getting his formal bike safety training, Bloomer says his new ride is giving him a fresh outlook on life.

"I'm very optimistic," said Bloomer. "My glass is running over. So it's not half empty, believe me."

If you want to help Bike for Health donate more bikes to homeless, Emmer says the best way to do that is to donate directly to the Honor Farm program with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office.

To contact Ken Emmer, email him at ken@bikeforhealth.com

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