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Best Deals Not Always Online for the Holidays

Some go in person and use their online tech to check best prices

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Holiday shopping can mean both an arm full of flyers from the morning paper and also a handheld device to track the best prices.

We spoke to Santa Barbara shoppers to see which method they preferred.   Many said they were out today because they enjoyed the shopping experience and the holiday vibe.

Others were also watching the deals on line, and either tried to get a price match or planned to order on the internet later today.

Sales appeared to be stronger with many people armed with bags from stores on State St. and the Paseo Nuevo Mall

Customers said for some items, it will be necessary to see a product in person not in a computer picture. "Online you don't get to try things on.," said shopper Isabella Rizzo.

Shopper Julie Eisen said she has seen some skillful customers move around busy stores with a plan. "They knew what they were doing. It's like get out of the way," she said.

"Originally I just came here to people watch, and saw all these (discount) signs," said Breanne Lewis who is also going to check her computer for specials on Monday. "I am looking forward to Cyber Monday where there will be tons of deals on line."

She and others said a discount of  40 percent or more was something they had to check out and couldn't pass by.

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