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Bedbugs close SLO shelter

Bedbugs close SLO shelter

Santa Maria, Callif -

In infestation of bedbugs has caused the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter in San Luis Obispo to close for its second time in a week. 

Staff at the shelter discovered bedbugs on July 8 and called pest  control to spray pesticide on all 50 beds. The shelter had reopened on Friday from its original bug attack. Shelter residents had complained that they had several bites on their bodies. On Sunday, it was discovered that the bugs weren't gone. 

Residents are temporarily staying at the Prado Day Center. Despite the facility not being equipped to have beds, community members have donated sleeping bags and blankets for residents at the shelter.

Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter says that they will undergo several pesticide treatment before they reopen once again. 

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