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BBB Warns of "Notch Baby" Solicitation Letter

Targets Elderly Social Security Recipients

BBB Warns of "Notch Baby" Solicitation Letter

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - Local Better Business Bureau leaders have a warning for those who may be solicited for money to address the issue of "notch babies" in the Social Security system.

A Paso Robles woman recently received information from the Senior Citizens League (SCL) asking for money.

A "notch baby" is someone born in the US between 1917 and 1926.  Social Security calculations for people born between those years has resulted in concerns those people don't receive the same amount of benefits.  Congress has taken up the issue previously and is expected to debate it again in the upcoming session.

Mailings from the SCL ask for money to support lobbying efforts in Congress.  The letter also refers to a $5,000.00 lump-sum payment with options for recipients to receive that settlement.

Local BBB leaders point out there is no final law approved, so any discussion of a lump sum payment of any amount is premature.  The agency encourages letter recipients to contact the SCL before sending any money, to inquire where the contribution would be used.

The BBB maintains a website with more information at www.santabarbara.bbb.org or by calling 963-8657.

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