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Bar Fire Comes Close To Ranch Scarred By Sherpa Fire

Planes fighting Rey fire help fight Bar fire

Bar fire burns 20 acres near ranch land off Gaviota Coast

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Mark and Susie Tautrim watched as firefighters drove along the roads of their ranch on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

They also watched planes, that had been working the nearby Rey fire for the past week, drop retardant and water along the canyon to prevent the flames from coming up the hill toward Orella Ranch.

The ranch lost animals during the Plains All American oil spill last year and lost fire acres to the Sherpa fire.

They were surprised to witness another emergency operation and relieved to see the firefighters quick success.

They were prepared to move horses and pets from Sam's Doggie Dude Ranch, but the evacuation was called off.

About 20 acres burned before dark.

Fire crews stayed on the ranch to keep hot spots from growing overnight.

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