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Baby Red Pandas get weighed for growth

Baby Red Pandas get weighed for growth

ATASCADERO, Calif. - One of the best ways to check the growth of two newly born red panda at the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero, is to weigh them.

Two rare male red panda cubs were in June. Their species is considered vulnerable to extinction because they rely on old growth forest for their nest in the natural habitat and with that diminishing, they are being placed in zoos to ensure their reproduction. 

On Thursday, the Charles Paddock zookeepers weighed the two cubs to check on their growth and give the public a first glance.

Both male cubs have yet to come out of the nesting box on their own, But Thursday, one  of the cubs came out from hiding.

On Saturday, the zoo will be celebrate International Red Panda Day. Games, crafts and face painting are among the activities at the celebration.

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