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Atascadero welcomes back statue at Sunken Gradens

Atascadero statue is back on display

ATASCADERO, Calif. - The city of Atascadero has a lot to be happy about this year. After the grand opening of their new City Hall building and the return of the Wrestling Bacchantes statue.

The statue was created by an Italian artist Aristide Petrilli and showcased in 1904 in Missouri. It was then brought to the city of Atascadero in 1961 by the cities founder E.G Lewis.

Some residents say that it's a huge part of the city because of its history and they are happy to have it back. 

The statue has a large fence around it but city officials say that they are going to build a shorter, iron fence which will be permanent. 

City officials also say that its original marble is still part of the statue, but its now coated with a thin layer of clear polish which will protect it from future damage.

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