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Atascadero moves back into their City Hall

Atascadero moves back into their City Hall

ATASCADERO,Calif. - Workers around City Hall in Atascadero are doing some final touches while city workers are moving back in. After nearly 10 years and $30 million dollars, the building is ready to be used again.

The historical building was damaged by the San Simeon earthquake in 2003. City workers were forced to move into an old bowling alley that they rented and renovated into a temporary city hall. Much of the renovation and restoring money came from the federal government, which is now asking for $2.7 million back, saying that the city was not supposed to use the money for rent at the temporary location.

City Hall officials say that they intended on appealing that because that was money promised to them from the beginning of plans.

The "new/old" City Hall kept much of its original detail and of course they protected the Rotund, a the heart of the building.

The building is unique because it is structured to look like a state Capitol building even having a historical museum.

The grand opening will be on Aug 20. You can check out the building on a special tour from 10 a.m to 6 p.m on that day or you can call for details 805-461-5000.

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