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3,400 Pounds of Pot Found in Intercepted Smuggling Boat

5 People Detained During Early Hours Sunday at Tajiguas Beach

Five People in Custody after Smuggling Boat Intercepted

TAJIGUAS BEACH, Calif. - Multiple law enforcement agencies intercepted a drug smuggling boat at a Santa Barbara County Beach on Sunday.

An official with Homeland Security told NewsChannel 3 that the boat made landfall around 2:30 a.m at Tajiguas Beach.

Three people on board were intercepted by authorities and two others were found near a waiting van. All were detained but only the three Mexican nationals on the boat are being charged. Arraignment is scheduled for Monday in a Los Angeles courtroom.

The other two could not be connected to the drugs or the boat. Homeland Security says the investigation is ongoing.

Authorities confiscated 3,400 pounds of marijuana.

This is the 15th drug smuggling boat that has washed up on Santa Barbara County shores in the past 12 months.

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