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3 Arrested for Alleged Rape of UCSB Student in Isla Vista

Victim Released from Hospital, One Alleged Rapist is 15-years-old

IV Rape Arrests

Santa Barbara, Calif. - A sexual assault in Isla Vista early Saturday morning has UCSB students shaken. Three people -- including a juvenile -- are under arrest. But, still some students are wondering how they can keep themselves safe.
The idyllic beach location of UCSB is famous for it's beautiful location and it's strong academic reputation. But early Saturday morning, Sherriff's Deputies arrested three men for a sexual crime that has left students concerned for their safety.
Nicole Vincent, a UCSB freshman, said "It really scares me. It could have happened to me."
The three men arrested were 22-year-old Casey Avila and 18-year-old Charles Dunbar, both of Santa Barbara. They were charged with rape in concert. A 15-year-old juvenile from Oxnard was also arrested for the same crime.
Kelly Hoover of the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department, said, "They are being charged with felony "Rape in concert," which means they worked together to commit the rape."
The administration at the University has worked very closely with the University Police Department to make sure Isla Vista is as safe as possible, increasing foot patrols and improving lighting in the college town.
Nancy Liu, a UCSB third-year student, said "I feel safe most of the time but the buddy system is really the smartest way to walk around at night."
The men arrested in this case were not UCSB students, and many students we talked to said they believe taking proactive measures is the best way to protect themselves.
Erin Severa, a UCSB freshman, said "It's just really important to be smart, to walk together, to just keep your eyes open. I think the police do a really good job."

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