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2 People Confirmed Killed in Oceano Plane Crash

2 People Confirmed Killed in Oceano Plane Crash

OCEANO, Calif. - The Federal Aviation Administration has now confirmed two people were on board the plane that crashed into the waters off the Oceano Dunes on Tuesday.  Both people on board were killed.

Search crews spent Thursday looking for any sign of the aircraft on the ocean floor. The search is also taking place along the shoreline, where state park rangers are keeping their eyes peeled for debris washing ashore.

"We''ve got eyes on the beach pretty much around the clock," said Kevin Pearce, Oceano Dunes Chief Ranger. "Everybody is aware of what's due in the process if they do come across anything."

Pearce and his colleagues spent Thursday surveying the shoreline for pieces of the plane that went down on Tuesday, right off the coast near Pier Avenue. San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office identified 63-year old David Brian Casey as the pilot.

Since Tuesday, State Parks rangers have been on the lookout for debris that could potentially wash ashore.

"Our staff is aware of what potentially may occur, with the currents and conditions and the shape of our landscape here," Pearce said.

No such debris has washed ashore as of Thursday evening. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's sonar boat was on the ocean again Thursday but also also come up empty in finding any wreckage from the aircraft.

"The ocean is a large, large area. We have an idea of where the plane went down but visibility isn't great, and that really hampers our search efforts," said SLO Sheriff's Department spokesman Tony Cipolla.

A reduced number from the sheriff's Dive Team was also working off Avila Beach Thursday, using sonar technology to locate anything that might be on the ocean floor.

"We have divers on standby. Once they detect anything on the ocean floor, then they'll bring out the divers and they'll go down into the water and search out whatever they may have found," Cipolla said.

It will be up to Sheriff Ian Parkinson to decide if the search continues Friday. Cipolla said the sheriff would likely give the thumbs up to continue.

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