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18-Foot Shark Sighting in Morro Bay

18-Foot Shark Sighting in Morro Bay

MORRO BAY, Calif. - Enter the water at your own risk  in Morro Bay, a  fisherman spotted a white shark.

The warning will expire on August 6th.

The shark sighting, on Friday, was at least the fourth confirmed sighting this summer in San Luis Obispo County 

Erick Endersby, Harbor Director in Morro Bay, said after a day of fishing a fisherman spotted a white shark at the mouth of Morro Bay harbor.

Endersby said, the shark was reported and it was approximately 18 to 19 feet.

"That's a pretty good size even for a white shark,"Enderby said.

 This is the second sighting in Morro Bay bay this summer; the first was near Morro Rock in July.

Also in July, shark bit a surfboard in Ocean, causing a surfer to fall off but he wasn't harmed. The same day somebody saw that shark  near Pismo Beach.

Derek Dale, a Fresno resident visiting Morro Bay said  "I was in Cambria back at my brothers and at first we saw dolphins, and about 10 minutes later, we didn't see any more dolphins, but we saw a shark."

Dale says he spotted a shark on Friday in Cambria.

Dale said he didn't get a good grasp on the size of the shark he said he saw it at a distance.

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