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1,000,000 Customers at Mother Hubbard's in Buellton

1,000,000 Customers at Mother Hubbard's in Buellton

BUELLTON, Calif. - Mother Hubbard's in Buellton is owned by a husband and wife, with their two sons working behind the counter.

 "I believe we are still part of a dying breed and that's the home-based food diner atmosphere that's family-owned and run," said co-owner Doniece Parson.

Since buying the diner 16 years ago, they have kept count of every patron who has walked through their doors.

"We keep a lot of records and so we are able to track not only how many customers we have but approximately where everybody is from," Parson said.

This weekend Mother Hubbard's hit a milestone.

"Since we have kept records since day one, we realized at the end of July that we were coming up on our one millionth customer," said Parson.

With the help of social media and word of mouth, Mother Hubbard's promoted a 1,000,000th customer celebration.

Parson said, "That's a huge number for a small town diner, and we wanted to celebrate that in a big way."

The diner was packed with hopeful winners.

Restaurant manager and Parson's son Chad Lorge noticed the anticipation.

"We had a lot of customers people that were coming through 'Going are we it? Are we it?'" Lorge said.

The honor of being number 1,000,000 went to Aryn Wolf of Lompoc, who walked in with her husband Greg Wolf.

Aryn won a free T-shirt and one free meal a week at the restaurant as long as the diner's doors are open.

"It's just a really good feeling to go hey.. look what we did!" said Lorge. 

Lorge and his brother are planning on taking over the restaurant when their parents retire, and they're hoping to beat their parent's record and reach customer number 2,000,000 in the next several years.

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