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Make Your Christmas Tree Last All Year Long

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif- - Christmas is over but your tree can still live on throughout the year. It can be turned into mulch to help your garden thrive.

Peggy Talkobic scoops up Christmas tree mulch each year for her yard. "For about the last four or five years, gets us off the couch after all that holiday eating and we get our exercise," said Talkobic. Talkobic knows how precious the material can be for a garden or a yard.

"What we do here is just spread it around the plants in this case the bamboo," said Gavino Villa of Paso Bamboo. Villa takes care of the bamboo farm that has mulch everywhere. "You can see how rich my soil is just because we've been mulching it for such a long time," said Villa.

By using mulch it helps keep the moisture in the ground so that you can water your plants less. "Because you are insulating the soil you are insulating the root mass of your plant, it's going to keep your plants more cold hardy because you are basically having the more constant temperature around the roots of your plants," said Villa.

Villa says you can make mulch out of basically anything. "What is mulch, it's just organic matter so it can be any tree, it can be any plant that you shred, it can be the leaves from your tree in the fall."

With a blanket of mulch it makes it difficult for weeds to germinate making it easier for people like Talkobic to manage her yard. "Come spring all this hard work pays off because we don't have to use pesticides and a lot of extra work cutting weeds," said Talkobic.

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