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Grover Beach to Vote on Bond Measure for Street Repairs

GROVER BEACH, Calif - The Grover Beach City Council will be taking public comment on whether residents would consider a bond to repair the streets.  

The city is hoping residents get on board so that the streets don't fall through the cracks. The streets were built on sand dunes and most don't have a proper foundation. It would cost about $35 million to pay for all the residential streets and the city says it receives no grant funding for residential roads.

However, how much it will cost residents still needs to be determined. "We'll make certain that before that ballot goes out that there's a formula available for people so that they can figure out what their cost would be, so that when they are voting they know what they are actually looking at," said Mayor Debbie Peterson.

If the bond is passed it would be paid in $5 million dollar increments, which the city says will save the tax payers money.

In order for the city to move forward with a bond they need a three-fifths vote at Tuesday's meeting.

If the city approves the bond, leaders will consider hiring someone to poll residents about a bond measure and how much they would consider paying. In order for the bond to pass in the general election it needs two-thirds approval.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.


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