Local Muslim community speaks out on Trump travel ban

Concern, sadness leads to fear amid temporary ban

Local Muslim community speaks out on...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The local Muslim community is speaking out against President Trump's controversial and temporary travel ban.

The ban is restricting travel for people from seven, predominantly Muslim countries to the United States for at least 90 days.

Uncertainty is leading to fear for some in the local Muslim community as the Trump administration, and others in the federal government, insist it is not a travel ban on all Muslims.

"He is banning infants, children, elderly, hundred year olds, nobody from there can come", says Mohammad Mohabbat with the Santa Maria-based Islamic Center of the Central Coast, "it really saddens me, because it lowers our prestige in the world, we are ashamed of what's going on here, rather than building walls and dividing us and be a coward, let's build bridges and unite us."

Mohabbat says the Trump travel ban is helping spread fear within the local Muslim community.

"People are afraid to speak up because of fear of persecution, fear of losing their business, fear of being sidelined", Mohabbat says, "this fear is, for me, kind of not justified, but still we are human beings, when we hear those kind of things, a lot of people don't want to be identified as Muslims because it hurts them in the community for some reason."

The Islamic Center of the Central Coast in Santa Maria prides itself on its open-door policy and welcomes the public to come and visit to learn more about the Muslim faith.

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