Local law firm to reimburse cost of ride fares on New Year's Eve

The May Firm hopes this will reduce drunk driving

Local law firm to reimburse cost of ride fares on New Year's

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - It might seem counter productive for personal injury attorneys to be working on eliminating car accidents on the Central Coast but that's exactly what The May Firm plans on doing with their ride sharing reimbursement program.

Those who plan on going out on New Year's Eve can send in their travel receipts from a taxi, Uber or Lyft. The May Firm will give you your cash back up to $30. 

"We thought by helping people pay for it, it relieves one more reason or excuse people might have for not calling a cab or getting an Uber. [Fewer] people on the road drinking over the holidays means more people come home safe, [fewer] people call me having been injured by somebody that was drinking and driving," explains personal injury attorney Robert May.

Serena Simoes plans on partying with her friends on the 31st and thinks it's a great idea the firm is doing something like this.

"I was in a car accident just a couple days ago and if anyone driving impaired driving with distraction - it's really just not worth it at all," Simoes says.

Johnny Kenny, Marketing Director of SLO Brew says the bars on Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo plan on being extra vigilant on New Year's Eve, monitoring drinking activity as a team.

"If someone starts a ruckus at mother's or any of the other establishments, we all communicate - it's 86'd from one, 86'd from all - so you know we're always looking out to protect not only the well being of our staff and our bar but the downtown as a whole," Kenny explains.

And thanks to The May Firm's program, now drivers on the roadways will be protected from those who are impaired.

"If they know ahead of time - "Hey I don't have to pay for it tonight!" maybe it stays at the forefront of their mind.. that's the hope," May tells us.

The May Firm's program is redeemable in the following counties: San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Kern and Fresno. If you'd like to take part in The May Firm's reimbursement program, click here.

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