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One local mother and her 20 month old baby are headed to Hawaii Thursday night as two hurricanes are set to touch down.
Forecasters say Hurricane Iselle will be the first hurricane to smash into
the islands in more than two decades.

State officials say they are ready for the one-two weather punch and are
urging residents to be prepared but to not panic.

Oxnard resident Cindy Rockwell is headed to Hawaii for work and to see family. Her husband Phillip says he's worried but holding out faith. He told NewsChannel 3: "I try not to worry too much and just have faith that the airlines wont fly a plane into something that's dangerous and they wont even take off  it's not going to be able to make it."

Phillip adds that they are preparing. The family has stocked up on diapers and baby supplies. While he's not traveling with his wife and toddler, Phillip says he'll be remotely monitoring everything by the minute.

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