Local developer creates app to help with Alamo, Whittier fires

App can help assess damages from fires

Local developer creates app to help with Alamo Whittier fires
SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Firefighters could have another tool in their arsenal thanks to San Luis Obispo app developer, Kristen Hazard.
"So what we've heard is that with these large fires, there's so much data to be collected by so few people and there's so much to do right now, and we know we've built a tool that can actually help with that," Hazard says. 
Her app called "Wildnote" helps integrate data from firefighters after fires scorch an area. "You would go out, you would input just a description of the damage that you see and then you could also input the plants and animals that you see have been damaged," she explains. 
Hazard says this is typically done with just a pen and paper, leading to delays in receiving the information, telling us: "The beauty of taking this information in an application is that once you've collected the information onto a device, you sync it onto a cloud and everybody who's out collecting the data links to the same spot on the cloud and now you have all of your data uniformly collected in a single location that then you can act on."
We reached out to folks at Cal Fire to see if they would be interested in the app, they say because they're a state run agency, leaders in Sacramento would have to give the okay first.
For Hazard, she hopes her tech is able to help those who are working tirelessly to save our communities from fires. "So we thought we could really help and we'd like to offer Wildnote to help for free - in any way we can," she says.

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