Learn how to stop those annoying robocalls from interrupting your life

62% of customers report multiple calls per week

Stopping robocalls from interrupting...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Almost everyone with a cell phone has received a robocall--automated calls of advertisements or possibly phishing scams for your personal information.

"Well I say hello and when they try saying that I hang up because they could probably track me down," said 12-year-old David Santilan who receives robocalls frequently. 

"It gets me frustrated where people just call you and they don't know you," said Kristy Soriano who also receives the calls.

For some, it might seem impossible to fight back. "It's extraordinarily aggravating and sometimes it happens when I'm driving, sometimes it happens when I'm working, sometimes it happens when I'm just trying to relax at home in the evening," Santa Maria resident Zachary Brown said.  

Now a number of cell phone carriers are stepping up to combat these calls. 

Sprint has an app called "Premium caller I-D" for Android phones. Santa Maria Store Manager Miguel Godinez said if you've bought a Sprint Android within the last year, it's already on your phone.

"[The app] will scan all the phone calls that you're receiving that are not in your contact list. So if you're getting a call from somebody you don't know, it will pop up their name or say wireless caller but if you're getting spam call from a telemarketer or a robocall, it will actually flag it as a robocall. So you'll be able to ignore it and not answer it," Godinez explained. 

AT&T and Verizon have similar versions of "Premium Caller I-D," available for Androids and iPhones 5-S or newer.

AT&T's app will block the call from ringing entirely. 

We spoke to one smartphone user who says her T-mobile phone screens calls as they come in.

"I'm with T-mobile and automatically it will say "Scam" when I receive a phone call," Maria Ortiz said.

Now whether or not you download these apps, it's still recommended not to answer calls from numbers you don't recognize.

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