Large eucalyptus tree crushes Goleta carport

No injuries reported, cars damaged

Large eucalyptus tree crushes Goleta...

Santa Barbara County Fire responded Friday morning to a large eucalyptus tree that fell and crushed a carport in Goleta.

The tree fell during strong winds and soaking rain on the 400 block of Ellwood Beach Drive. County Fire says no injuries were reported when the tree came down. But there is damage to at least two cars and the carport are destroyed.

Lucy Vaca, the owner of one of cars destroyed by the downed tree, said she thought she was hearing loud thunder at first. It wasn't until her friend called her that she found out what had happened. 

"But later my friend called me and said Lucy are you OK, because a big tree has fallen in your parking lot and I say oh my gosh and I come in here and was looking and the big tree is on my car, and it is already damaged and I say OK, everybody is OK, it is only materials,” said Vaca.

Crews worked diligently to remove the tree from the property by the early afternoon.


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