King Tides arrive without major concerns but more are coming

No storm surge involved

King tides have arrived without any major problems. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

MONTECITO, Calif. - The seasonal King tides are coming ashore in a three day cycle that has some people staying away from the coastal waters.

At times they can be deceiving and dangerous.

At Montecito's Butterfly Beach, the waves were slapping the concrete wall and going into the beach front walkways, but no serious problems were reported.

The front end of a small boat was lodged at the base of one stairwell.  The rest of the boat was not around.

Some swimmers chose to stay out of the water for now.  They may come back later this week.

Gustavo Bello says he's learned to avoid problem areas with the ocean in an unsettling condition.

"I actually took an ocean swimming class two summers ago and so I  learned about the waves from my swim instructor. For me my rule of thumb is to not go in. There's not really a point to risk it.  I can wait until the beach calms down in a few days and it will be great, " he said.

On the beach with his two dogs, Alex Flemming said he has seen the waves much bigger than what came ashore Monday.  In the past they have gone over the beach wall and into a resort pool.

His dogs did not seem to mind the King tide condition and went into the surf after a tennis ball several times.

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