Katy Perry: Saturday's benefit concert will be full of heart

Pop star performing at Santa Barbara Bowl

Katy Perry prepares for SB Bowl benefit

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - She's fun, famous and coming back to her hometown of Santa Barbara for a highly anticipated benefit concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Katy Perry will perform Saturday night to a sold out crowd of locals. Tickets were only available in-person and some waited in line for nearly eight hours to get their hands on them.

Perry calls Santa Barbara home. Raised in town, her parents still live there and she owns a home of her owns in the area. All reasons that led her to watching live coverage of the Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslide as it happened.

“When the devastation happened I was there," the pop star told us on the set of American Idol. "I was scared for my parents, I was scared for my own house, i was scared for my neighbors. I was watching it online on KEYT for 12 hours straight. It was unbelievable."

Now she's set to perform for all those who have been impacted by the disasters. With 100% of the ticket sales coming back into the community she loves.

“This is the soonest I could get there and throw a big thing just to bring the community together and to acknowledge all of their hard work and I love them so much,” Perry said. ​

We tried to get a little sneak peek into the event. All Katy would give up is that someone named Oprah has given her blessing in a big way and that she was excited to share what that meant.

Stay tuned!

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