Josh Duhamel finds safe haven in San Luis Obispo Police Department

Actor reunited with stolen items one year later

Josh Duhamel finds safe haven in San...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - If a high ticket item like a tablet or a laptop is swiped from your car the chances of getting it back are slim to none, but police in San Luis Obispo have a success story to share and it involves a very special cameo from a Hollywood star.

You may recognize Fergie's ex from hits like "Las Vegas" and "Transformers," but the celebrity has found a safe haven in local law enforcement.

The Central Coast is no stranger to a celeb sighting.

"We treated him like we would treat anyone else but certainly having a celebrity in the department, it's something that people catch on to, it gets their attention," said San Luis Obispo Patrol Sergeant Richard Cudworth.

Actor Josh Duhamel at the San Luis Obispo Police Department, Chief Deanna Cantrell says the "Transformers" star was excited to have recovered property returned to him.

Chief Cantrell posted about the encounter on her Twitter saying "we love it when we can reunite stolen items with their owners" and thanking the star for being gracious.

"About a year ago, Josh Duhamel was in San Luis Obispo.  He was downtown, unfortunately his car was broken into and a few of his personal items were taken," said Sgt. Cudworth.

As luck would have it, the items were recovered a few weeks later but Cudworth says it took a year for the courts to process the evidence.  "From what I've heard he was very appreciative of getting his property back," he said.

Now that the actor has been reunited with his stolen items, the San Luis Obispo Police Department is using this as an opportunity to remind folks not to leave valuables in your vehicles.

"Out of sight, out of mind.  Lock my doors, you have a car alarm, turn it on," said Greg Sellars. 

Sellars has had his car broken into before and thinks it has the potential to be a big issue in the area but SLOPD says vehicle break-ins are already a constant problem.

"I do try to hide my purse if I have it with me, I have it out of sight.  My phone I bring with me or I hide," said Lisa Guy.

Guy's method to avoid vehicle break-ins is in line with advice from police to prevent these crimes of opportunity.

"There are people out there looking to take advantage of others," said Sgt. Cudworth. 


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