Karma Bus Finds New Home

Karma Bus Finds New Home

VENTURA, Calif. - Two weeks ago, we told you about the story of a young Ventura man who fixed up his 1969 Volkswagen Bus and put it on eBay along with his story.  On Monday, the vintage van met its new owner.

For 23-year old Cody Parsons, seeing his van drive away for the last time was bittersweet.

"When you put so much work into something, you want to see it gone, you know? You want your reward, the fruits of your labor," Parsons said.

The bus, lovingly referred to as "Susie Q" captured the imagination of hundreds of bidders and followers on eBay as the sale came to a close. The winning bid came from a Pasadena man who had seen the bus before.

"Chris test drove the vehicle beforehand, and he said he was going to buy it.  In the last 30 minutes he put in his bid.  We were counting down, counting down, and he was the winning bidder.  We were rejoicing!"

"Susie Q" sold for $25,700.

"Taking in that moment when he was driving off and turning, it was done, it was finished.  All my worries, all my stresses, everything to get that done, it's over.  Now it's time to take that next step." Parsons said.

The young, VW connoisseur is already investing more in the bus he currently calls home, which will end up looking strikingly similar to "Susie Q."

Parsons works as a seasonal wildland firefighter in Oregon.

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