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USS Indianapolis

US Navy National Archives via CNN

New clue on where famous WWII ship sank

When the 1975 blockbuster "Jaws" first terrified moviegoers, not all of the fear came from the special effects or haunting soundtrack. One of the more chilling scenes was fisherman Quint's quiet recounting of bobbing in Pacific waters for days while ...

Giraffe in the wild

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Cincinnati Zoo welcomes new bundle of joy

Get ready for your daily dose of cuteness.

Dinosaur footprint

Courtesy Grover Marquina via CNN

Huge dinosaur footprint discovered

There's a good chance that if flesh-eating dinosaurs were still around today, we wouldn't just have to worry about their sharp teeth.

Colorado hail storm

L.A. Hardy/Instagram/CNN

Colorado hail storm delivers tennis ball-size ice

The city of Colorado Springs witnessed a downpour of aggressive hail that persisted for hours, damaging cars and homes and forcing locals to join forces to remove heaping mounds of ice.

Pokemon Go players

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Pokemon Go player claims he shed pounds

Catching 'em all is the Pokemon Go player's goal, but in doing so one British man claims to have lost something -- more than 12 kilograms (28 pounds) in weight.

$500M Powerball jackpot sign

The Florida Lottery

What not to do when you win the lottery

$478 million!

That's the amount of the current Powerball Jackpot for Saturday's drawing. Go ahead, dream about what you would do with it. Private island, maybe? Your own Dairy Queen franchise?

Little girl has tea party with officer who saved her life

Chelle Cates Photography via CNN

Little girl has tea party with officer who saved her life

This is the cutest thing you'll see all day -- maybe even all week.

A fully uniformed police officer sitting in a tiny chair, at a tiny table, with a tiny girl -- having a tea party.

Corporal Patrick Ray, 30, saved 2-year-old Bexley's life a year ago w...

NASA/Getty Images

Doomsday believers say July 29 is last day on earth

According to the group End Times Prophecies, July 29, 2016 will be the end of the world as we know it, The Telegraph reports.


Bikini-clad Swedish cop arrests man who takes phone

A Swedish police officer spent her day off sunbathing with friends, when a man tried stealing her phone. Mikaela Kellner pursued the suspect, pinning the man to the ground.

Erna Solberg

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Norway considers giving Finland a mountain

Thinking of giving a little summit to your neighbor for a 100th birthday present? What about a mountain?

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said this week her government was considering a proposal to move the country's border 40 meters (about 130 f...

horse in pasture

High temps cause manure to burst into flames

High temperatures in upstate New York have apparently caused horse manure to spontaneously combust into flames.

Dunkin' Donuts

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Dunkin' Donuts employee sprays donuts with bleach

Police are investigating an incident in which an employee of the fast food chain Dunkin' Donuts allegedly sprayed donuts with bleach before giving them to a group of teenagers, The Washington Post reports.

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Rio security

Concerns prevalent as Rio is week away from Olympics

Security concerns and low ticket sales continue to plague organizers of the Rio…

(img1)VIDEO: Atascadero PD Officer Assists Firefighters (1)

BODYCAM VIDEO: Atascadero PD Officer Assists Firefighters

Amazing bodycam video from an Atascadero police officer assisting fire crews with…

Minnie hat conventions

Convention-goers wear their party loyalty

Who wore their party loyalty the best at this month’s political conventions?


Atlas V rocket launches from Cape Canaveral

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force…


Bronx Zoo welcomes its first baby penguin

The first-ever blue penguin chick hatched at the Bronx Zoo is ready to join other…

Obama DNC Day 3

Obama: Power doesn't come from 'self-declared savior'

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, President Barack Obama…

Latest Celebrity News

Bill Murray at bachelor party

Bill Murray crashes bachelor party, gives advice

Leave it to Bill Murray to crash a bachelor party in South Carolina.

Batman and Batmobile 2014

Director tweets first image of Batman in 'Man of Steel' sequel

After teasing fans on Monday with a partial glimpse of the Batmobile for the…

Royals at Graceland

William, Harry visit the King at Graceland

Prince William and Prince Harry, in Memphis for a friend's wedding Saturday, paid…

Heidi Fleiss DUI mugshot

Heidi Fleiss charged with DUI

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss was arrested early Tuesday on DUI charges and a…

Seth Meyers

Report: Seth Meyers weds longtime girlfriend

"Saturday Night Live" star Seth Meyers has reportedly tied the knot with longtime…

Lance Bass engaged

*NSYNC member Lance Bass engaged

*NSYNC member Lance Bass won't be singing "Bye, Bye, Bye" to his boyfriend, Michael…

Local Headlines


16-Year-Old Cambria boy Drowns at Lake Nacimiento

Authorities located the body of 16-year-old Dante Garcia Mora of Cambria who drowned…

Dallas Cowboys Hold First Training Camp Practice In Oxnard

The Dallas Cowboys took to River Ridge Field for pre-season training for the first…

Paso Robles Man Suspected of Raping 16-Year-Old

Paso Robles Police Department arrested 18-year-old Aaron Jacob Duran of Paso Robles…

Newsroom Tipline


Plains All American Pipeline Stock Plunges After Refugio Oil Spill

NewsChannel 3 continues our special series of reports into the Refugio oil spill…

Tipline SLO Porsche

NewsChannel 3 Investigates: SLO Porsche Crash Leads to Bogus Story

You've probably heard the saying that 'honesty is the best policy." What you're…

911 Fatal Flaw

NewsChannel 3 Investigates: Fire Chief Fights to Fix Fatal Flaws in the 911 System

Who has a better system for identifying and processing mobile phone calls? The 9-1-…

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What's Right

Hundreds of Santa Barbara County Kids Play Olympic Style Games

Over 300 kids from United Way of Santa Barbara County will be play in their own…

California Wine Festival Brings Northern And Southern California Vintners Together in Santa Barbara

Northern, Central and Southern California winemakers found themselves at the center…

Local After School Program Recognized for Helping to Keep Kids Healthy

Seven Santa Barbara Schools were recognized with Distinguished After School Health (…

Local Sports

Foresters Brighten Day of Sick Children

Foresters are a Big Hit with Kids at Santa Barbara's Cottage Hospital

The Santa Barbara Foresters brought hats, stuffed bears and plenty of love to some…

Dallas Cowboys Coming To Ventura County

The Dallas Cowboys football team arrived in Ventura County this week. The Boys in…

Former UCSB Swimmer Headed to Rio in Different Sport

Former UCSB Swimmer Turned Kayaker will Compete in Olympics

A former Gaucho swimmer will be making her Olympic debut this summer, but you won't…

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