Information boards about standed marine mammals go up at Oxnard shores

Oxnard shores information boards

OXNARD, Calif. -
Information boards have been set up along Oxnard shores in case people encounter stranded marine mammals.

The Oxnard fire department along with Oxnard parks created the information boards that will provided beach goers instructions on what to do if they see a stranded marine mammal.

All marine mammals are protected by the federal law and people are asked not to get close to the animals.

The flyers provide information about warning signs if the mammals are entangled or are sick. It also provides a telephone number so that rescue crews can get on scene to help rescue the mammal.

"This is a tourist destination. A lot of people who come up here have never seen wild marine mammals," said Mark Banda, a Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife volunteer. "The thing that people first thing about when they see the animal is that it's the same one from the zoo. Then they go over and pet it and these are wild animals they can injury you. It is also for the animals safety as well."

If people happen to see a stranded mammal on shore they are asked to call the number on the flyer and to provide an exact location.


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