In her own words: Virginia Paris recounts terrifying kidnapping experience

In her own words Virginia Paris...

LOMPOC, Calif. - It's a nightmare she's still living. Virginia Paris is now splitting her time between Lompoc and Las Vegas as she tries to get back on her feet. 

"Counseling has helped tremendously. It's getting better as days go on but I can tell you, I cry.. a lot," Paris said. 

Paris says she wishes she called the police when 52-year-old Joseph Hetzel kept showing up at her work in Solvang. 

"He came to my work a few days before -- like five times in one day-- he was very aggressive," she said.

Days later Paris says Hetzel kidnapped her just minutes after she had left work. Paris says he took her to Arizona against her will.

It was there where she says it was both frightening and frustrating because her pleas for help went unnoticed.

"I remember being in a bathroom and asking a lady for her cell phone and she said no. I got really upset and cried really hard. A lot of times he would follow me in the bathroom in the gas stations or wherever and he would make sure I wouldn't talk to people," she explained.

Next they made it to Las Vegas where Paris says she thought she had a fighting chance because her family lives in the area. She agreed to marry Hetzel in order to make a phone call; surveillance video captured their ceremony.

Paris says she tried to leave before ultimately going through with it. She believes Hetzel had hopes of going back home after the wedding was over.

"But then he called his friends in Los Angeles and that's where we found out that we were both on the internet and on the news and everything," she said. 

Paris was finally able to get help at the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Nevada.

As she tries to piece together her new life, she's thankful her friends and family were so vocal about her being missing and wishes the same luck for other families.

"I just want anybody that's missing to be found. You know it just breaks my heart and it just worries me and it breaks my heart. I just wish everybody could be found," Paris said.

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