Iconic tree ripped from its roots in high winds

Two Tree Hilltop

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - Monday's high winds blew down an iconic landmark in Ventura, one that was over a century old.

"This tree that just fell was an original tree that was planted here in 1898 by Joesph Sexton a local rancher here," said Richard Atmore, Co-founder of Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust.

Atmore shared the story behind the planting of the trees with us, "Joseph Sexton planted 13 trees in 1898 on this hilltop, five years later, eight burned down.  Then in 1940 vandals came up and cut down three of the trees leaving two.  Some good citizens came up and replanted those trees around 1942 and so the tree you see ... is the replacement tree."

The hilltop is known as "Two Trees."  But, Monday's high winds and gusts reached as high as 80 miles per hour.  The 115-year-old eucalyptus tree could not hang on.
Atmore said his foreman had come to him and said, "...hey boss I think the old two tree has fallen." 

Once outside Atmore said he saw the tree toppled, ripped from the ground at its roots.

In a fitting twist of fate, where the old tree lie uprooted, behind it stands a new one.  A baby tree planted on Earth Day just this past April.

"There have been people engaged here, ashes spread here from pets and humans. I think this place means a lot to a lot of people. We are looking to take this tree back and process it into different keepsakes, and we will sell it to provide ... the open space for the public," promised Atmore.

Open space for more memories to make for many, many years to come.

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