Highway 1 closure bad for business

Hotels, restaurants along road struggling

RAGGED POINT, Calif. - America's most iconic roadway is closed, and the towns along Highway 1 are suffering for it. 

Bridge collapses and landslides from some of the worst weather to hit the California coast in years has closed Highway 1 at Ragged Point. 

Businesses along this beautiful stretch of roadway are all on edge and bracing themselves for a tough summer, hoping it opens sooner than later. 

"This particular place is just magical," says Rory Cosma, the manager of the restaurant at the Ragged Point Inn. "But we're not getting any traffic from the north, so we're losing 50 to 60 percent of our business."

Big local attractions like Hearst Castle and the beautiful coastline are still here, but having the road closed simply means fewer cars traveling up and down the historic highway. 

"Everybody is feeling the pain of the lack of tourism right now," says Cosma. 

Restaurants, hotels, and attractions from Ragged Point to Morro Bay are advertising specials and reduced rates, hoping to convince tourists this is still the place to be. 

"It's amazing, all the colors, the nature, the landscape, we love it," says Mario Golenziner, who brought his family all the way from Brazil to explore the coast. "We wanted to take Highway 1 from the north, but unfortunately this time it was not possible." 

However Golenziner says the scenery, friendly people, and fantastic food is more than enough to bring this family back.

"It's disappointing, its frustrating, but we are enjoying the trip, its not going to ruin our trip."


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