Heat relief brings visitors to the coast from excessively hot areas

Out of the red zone and into the cool zone

Excessive heat brings many people...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A June weekend is usually crowded in Santa Barbara, but the next few days expect to see many more people who are simply getting out of the excessive heat zones to get some relief.

It's oven-like in many areas such as Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Las Vegas and parts of Arizona.

Visitors to Stearns Wharf were in no hurry to leave the cool breezes and mild sunshine.

One worker, Michelle Bowker at the Mother Stearns Candy store said she sees many people finally relaxing in the cooler weather who are coming in from some red hot zones.   And some have been here before. "A lot of locals that moved a way and  are coming back that are escaping the heat," she said.  The coastal weather is "...a huge difference. (Back home)  they say it is so hot they can't  even go outside and here they are in heaven."

Some people got immersed in the effort to cool down, by swimming, paddle boarding, or boating.  Others took the Land Shark tour that goes through the city in an elevated open air vehicle, that ends up in the water touring the harbor area.

Hotels are going to have air conditioning on high and full rooms with a combination of the boost from those escaping the hot weather elsewhere and the big crowds coming in for UC Santa Barbara graduation weekend.

Oliver Hills is driving with his family along the coast down to San Diego.  They are in from London. Holding a scoop of ice cream in a near melt down mode, he said "  we figure it's getting hotter as we go south. "But he didn't want to see the mercury climb,  "not any hotter."

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