Cow heart meat could be in your ground beef

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Do you ever ask your butcher what ingredients are in your ground beef?
Well, you might want to start asking and looking at the labeling. 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture didn't allow heart meat to be one of the ingredients or even considered it to be beef in the first place. 
That all changed in 2015 when the USDA changed their policy to match a century-old federal law that says that heart meat is in fact actual meat. 
The policy on their site now says "beef meat can be used in unlimited quantities and declared as beef on the label." 
Some people say they feel uneasy about cow heart meat being in their ground beef, others don't mind it and some just want to know what is inside of the meat they are eating. 
KCOY 12 called a few butcher shops in Santa Maria and they all said they do not use heart meat as part of their ground beef. 
Some butchers say you might not be able to notice or taste the difference. 
There is one rule to follow, the heart meat is limited to the cardiac muscle, so you will not be seeing or eating other parts of the heart like the aorta or arteries. 
Heart meat is said to be high in iron. 

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