Harry's Plaza Cafe serves Thanksgiving Day meals

"Best part is nobody has to do the dishes. We do."

Harrys Plaza Cafe serves Thanksgiving...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Everyone is a guest when they go to Harry's on Thanksgiving Day.

"I love coming to Harry's anytime of the year. I love to be here," said Linda Logan, a Santa Barbara resident. 

Harry's Plaza Cafe is located on Upper State State Street in Santa Barbara. The business has served the community American comfort food since 1968. On Thanksgiving Day, customers can opt for traditional Thanksgiving-style meals. The meals cost $25. 

"It's the best opportunity for people to come, get a turkey dinner with family and the best part is nobody has to do the dishes. We do the dishes," said Kevin Hebert, general manager of Harry's Plaza Cafe. 

Linda Logan and her two best friends went to Harry's after they finished their own Thanksgiving Day parties with their own families. 

"We just love to spending holidays together. We're just here today to enjoy the evening and have a relaxing time, have pumpkin pie and a cocktail," said Logan.

Harry's is usually booked with reservations on Thanksgiving, but parties are often squeezed in. After all, it is the start of the holiday season.

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